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Main Products

Aerospace & Defence Industry

Aluminum Plates, Sheets, Bars, Rods, Tubes (Aerospace & Defence)

Aluminum Extrusions, Angles, etc..

Titanium sheets, plates, bars, rods, tubes

High strength and high temp metal alloys

Welding alloys

Refractory / Paint / Rubber / Coated Abrasives / Adhesive / Construction Industry

Aluminum oxide

Alumina for Refractory / Ceramics / Polishing / Flame retardardants

Resins (Hydrocarbon, Coumarone, Epoxy, Petroleum Aromatic)

Coating resins, Composite resins, Curing agents, Formaldehyde & Derivatives

Ink Resins, Mortar Chemicals, Moulding compounds

Tar Compounds

Rubber additives


Zinc Oxide

Glass fibre fabric discs

Petroleum Refining Industry

Adsorbents, Process catalysts, Chemicals, Odorants, Specialty catalysts, Activated alumina,

Catalyst bed support media

Personal Care & Pharamceutical / Polymers / Food Industry

White oils, Plastics Oils, Petrolatums, Waxes, Telephone Cable compounds,

Compressor Lubricants


PVC Compounds, Chemicals for corrosion protection, Glass, Optics

Suppliers of aerospace aluminum, rubber chemicals, phenolic & hydrocarbon resins and many more raw materials since 1930 from major suppliers

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